Degassing Systems


              The Company core activity is rock mass demethanation as the most effective method for the elimination of methane hazard in coal mines, and getting clean energy resource for industrial purposes.

Our activities in this area include:

  • demethanation of excavations aimed at adjusting them to the adopted mining system and ventilation method,
  • designing and construction of methane pipelines, which ensure the intake of the forecasted methane levels,
  • drilling drainage holes from underground workings,
  • management of demethanation process, including the operation of demethanation stations, inspections, taking measurements and the control of the intake of methane mixture,
  • connection, reconstruction and liquidation of methane intakes along the progress in coal mining.

              We provide comprehensive demethanation of rock mass in different geological conditions. We execute demethanation works both to eliminate methane hazard in active mine workings, as well as methane intakes from the exploited layers and mines closed down in order to completely exhaust the resources of methane in coal rock mass, and for the purpose of post-mining land conservation.

              We also change underground excavations into drainage, technical and technological holes. For the purpose of investigating and exploring the layer we perform drilling of holes with a full yield of the core up to the depth of 1300 m.

              We also drill interlevel large-diameter holes (up to 1200 mm in diameter and 200 m deep) which serve ventilation, deepening of shafts, excavated material transport, shortening the routes of pipelines and cables and other technological purposes.

              The company is a legitimate scientific and research entity designated by the President of the State Mining Authority to carry out tasks as an expert entity on methane hazard in hard coal mines.

We have a laboratory equipped with modern equipment and instruments to perform the analyses of coal seams and mine air.

              For the purposes of controlling the measuring devices, we prepare mixture with any concentration of methane with air, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide with air and nitrogen.

              The Company operates production and offers services in the production of equipment used in mine demethanation and drilling works, as well as repair, inspection and maintenance of gas measurement and control equipment and safety systems.

We offer our services in:

  • coal seams gas sampling,
  • forecasting of methane hazard for entry and longwalls,
  • the execution of technical projects of the method and technology of demethanation,
  • designing and construction of underground and onground demethanation facilities and equipment,
  • the construction of mobile demethanation stations with electric and pneumatic drive systems in underground workings,
  • the implementation and comprehensive mine demethanation
  • conducting underground drilling for demethanation and for technical and technological purposes, including large-diameter holes of 1200 mm, as well as the

drilling of exploratory and test boreholes with full core yield,

              We offer custom-made demethanation installations and facilities manufactured by us, as well as underground drilling equipment. We professionally and quickly carry out inspections, repairs and overhauls of gas compressors, gas control and measurement equipment, as well as drilling equipment.