About Us

Albacore Mining Co.Ltd. is a supplier company which operates for many mining companies and founded by Okan Yakan of whom has many years of expertise and know-how on mining bussiness.

Albacore provides not only machinery  and equipment procurement but professional consultancy with its experts for engineering services. With its ethical way of doing business and quality based approach, Albacore made a place for itself in the market in a short period of time with strong partners as well.

Albacore is the official consultancy partner of Poland based FAMUR in Turkey.

Albacore provides below solutions for Turkish market with its global partners:

– With underground electricity systems global brand ELGOR+HANSEN,

– High pressure pumping systems, high/low pressure piping systems, underground water treatment and underground cooling technologies known with Wichary Technologies,

– Globally preferred ELTEL brand with it’s high technology control, communication and automations.