Professional Rechargeable Cap Lamps

ADALIT - Professional Rechargeable Cap Lamps

ADALIT equipment is designed, developed and produced in their facilities in Gijón, under the highest quality standards and with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a Made in Europe product.

Their team has the mission to develop products that improve the working conditions of professionals, making the tasks in the most extreme and dangerous environments are carried out in maximum safety.

Through an extensive commercial network of distributors and agents in the 5 continents, they ensure our international presence, guaranteeing a fast customer service in any part of the world.

Their main objective is to continue innovating and not lose sight of the values of a young company with more than 100 years of experience.



During the early years of the company, we dedicated our efforts to the manufacture of bathroom faucets and home lamps, many of which were prepared to run on gas.

In 1914, after conducting various tests and trials, we developed the first safety lamp powered with benzene in Spain, to be used in coal mines and that fulfilled all the requirements of the then current mining safety regulations.


Subsequently, our company manufactured, under various foreign licenses, several types of flame lamps and the first electric lamps with accumulators, both alkaline and acidic. In the 1940s, in order to meet the guidelines of the new safety regulations and the demands for better lighting, we succeeded to produce the electro-pneumatic lamp Adaro to be used in mines, both in the working areas and in the dragging tunnels.


During the periodfrom 1950 to 1980, the new generations of mining electric lamps for helmets were manufactured under Ceag’s English license, up untilthe year 1980 when we achieved to develop the helmet lamp model “P” Adaro with lead acid battery, which was substantially improved in 1988 with the first ergonomically shaped, maintenance-free battery helmet lamp, our model Alfa that incorporated nickel cadmium batteries.


Furthermore, the 90’s was a period of great change and diversification for Adaro. Given that it was preparing for the management of a new era, the company from early on, leaned on innovation and the use of advanced technologies, for which the Research and Development and Innovation department was established. At the same time, it committed to quality in order to undertake, more thoroughly, future commitments and so, in the year 1996 the company was awarded the Certificate of Approval of its quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001.

As a result of these actions, the future of the company has been refocused to lead the market segments where the use of ATEX certified torches designed to work in potentially explosive atmospheres is a mandatory requirement. This is how the ADALIT range of rechargeable security torches is born. They are used by the most important fire brigades in Europe, as well as by industry, military and rescue services. The latest models launched in the market, such as the Adalit L.3000, Adalit L-10, Adalit L-5 and Adalit L-5000 torches incorporate ultralight lithium ion batteries and the latest technology in lighting based on high power LEDs.


During the past three decades, the company has strengthened and consolidated its degree of internationalization, establishing a solid network of distributors and agents abroad, which has resulted in Adaro becoming, nowadays, in a company fully focused abroad with clients in a great diversity of countries. This process of internationalization, in continuous expansion, allows Adaro to have reached an export volume that represents 85% of the total equipment produced, consolidating its sales in more than 40 countries.