Chains and Conveyor

Mining Tools and Equipment Factories Capital Group FASING Plc.

Mining Tools and Equipment Factories Capital Group FASING Plc. offers chains of diameter range 14 – 60mm and accessories for different industry sectors: mining industry, energy sector, lifting and transportation sector, sugar and cement sector, fishing industry.

The diversity of chain applications requires different technical parameters and properties of each product. Thus, FASING offers a wide range of chains and accessories that are manufactured according to the specific customer requirements so one may receive the product adapted to the needs of end users. Under this approach, our motto is:

“There are no perfect chains that meet all the requirements, 

but there are chains that are perfectly suited for specific conditions.”


FASING production for underground mining includes:

  • round link chains,

  • flat link chains,

  • connecting links,

  • scraper bars and flights bars,

  • complete chain assemblies.


All the chains are available in many strength grades with increased properties, depending on application conditions and pursuant to our above motto.