Gas Monitoring and Underground Camera Systems


The company was established in 1990. Since the beginning HASO is dealing with issues of industrial automation. The scope of activities includes those areas where the use of automation provides an increase in labor productivity of machinery and equipment, lowers operating costs and improves safety.

The company has started from the design and implementation of SWuP -3 to support the methane dispatchers work in underground mines. This system allows dispatchers current analysis of the air in the atmosphere in the range of a methane explosion hazard. For several years, the system has been implemented in 16 mines. The system provides safety in potentially explosive atmospheres.



Within the scope of their activities, they offer the following products;

  • Security systems designed for underground mines:
  • Integrated Security System CST
  • Lock and Close Control System SBKW
  • Industrial Process Visualization System SP3
  • Security System MST Track (human and equipment locator system)
  • Metanometry Officer Support System SWμP-3


Industrial automation:

  • Industrial process control, visualization and management systems
  • Control and measuring devices
    Measuring systems to monitor inert gases
  • Blasting technique

Services related to the production of electrical equipment for underground mines:

  • 24/7 service
  • Control, repair and maintenance of all device components
  • Modernization and repair of measuring devices