Submersible Mud and
Drainage Pumps


„KSK”, with its headquarters in Ruda Śląska, established in the year 1988, devoted itself to the production of mud pumps according to its own research projects based upon its rich experience, and has been providing waterproof pumps for mines, energetics and other branches of production since 1993.
Currently, it is the main activity of the company.

Our pumps find their use with removing water from the old and needless mine walls and wall filling, as well as removing mud from containers, sewers et cetera, and pumping mud and communal sewers.

The construction does not require cooling via pumped liquid, therefore the quality of our pumps in difficult conditions is exceptionally high. To improve the flexibility and fast montage, we have designed elements of filling and water pipelines in the form of articulated joints, rotating joints and bolts, which allow the user to perfectly match the pipeline to mine walls, the configuration of the terrain, and so on.

PSZ pumps have been used, i.e. to dry swamps, as well as cleaning water intakes.

We provide our customers with high quality products, as well as quality service, guarantees, and repairs within the full period of the pumps’ use.
We offer technical advice in terms of the choice and features of the pumps, which allows satisfying the User’s special requirements even in very exceptional cases.

The growing circle of users who value the quality the products and services of “KSK” includes:

  • Hard/brown coal mines,
  • Power stations, heat and power plants
  • Building departments and building materials,
  • Sugar factories,
  • Foundries,

Water and sewage management systems, refineries and much more, not only in Poland.
Provided with experience gained during the exploitation of our pumps in order to fulfill our users’ needs, we have begun to design pumps with 1000V voltage, as well as switchable between 500V/1000V, which are still being modernised.